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In reversal, Catholic Church backs ‘Kill the Gays’ bill?

In reversal, Catholic Church backs ‘Kill the Gays’ bill?

[Editor’s note from November 2012: In the months since this report appeared, the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda has not publicly backed the “Kill the Gays” bill, nor denounced it. That leaves unclear whether Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga was merely in attendance at the meeting that endorsed the bill, or was actually supportive of it.]

[Further editor’s note from December 2013:  Archbishop Lwanga has been more publicly supportive of LGBT people, including welcoming them to a celebration of World AIDS Day.]

Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (Photo courtesy of
Roman Catholic Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (Photo courtesy of

The Catholic Church in Uganda has apparently changed its position on the country’s so-called “Kill the Gays” bill, calling on parliament to pass the measure.

The Ugandan Daily Monitor newspaper reported that Catholics joined in that new stance at the recent ecumenical conference organized by the Uganda Joint Christian Council, which represents Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Bishops at the conference urged the parliamentary committee that is studying the bill to approve it and send it to the House.  They said the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Law is needed in response to “an attack on the Bible and the institution of marriage,” the newspaper reported.

Clergy approving that stance included archbishops Henry Luke Orombi (Anglican), Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (Roman Catholic) and Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga (Orthodox).

In the past, the Catholic Church in Uganda opposed the bill. (See below for Box Turtle Bulletin coverage of the previous Catholic stance on the bill.)

Lwanga previously said that, although he opposes homosexuality, the bill is “at odds with the core values” of Christians. He said in 2010:

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 “The Church … teaches the Christian message of respect, compassion, and sensitivity. The Church has always asked its followers to hate the sin but to love the sinner… In our view, the proposed [law] is not necessary considering that acts of sodomy are already condemned in the Penal Code.”

Under current Ugandan law, homosexuals can be subject to life imprisonment.

“The Catholic Church had previously been the sole major religion in Uganda in opposition to the bill,” Gay Star News reported.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill,  proposed by Ugandan parliament member David Bahati, is often called the “Kill The Gays” bill because it called for the death penalty for repeated homosexual activities.  Bahati says that provision has been dropped, but many people doubt him. The bill would also require people to report suspected homosexuals to the police.

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  • These people r sick….murder has been one of religion since its conception and continues today….read freedom from religion mag and I am not just talking about physical murder, emotional, cultural ( Native Americans), spiritual (even though I am not religious or spiritual), psychological and so on…3eligion is not good for society

  • While I am not Roman Catholic I am not wiling to condemn the whole Roman Catholic Church until I hear what the Pope and other officials in Rome say. If they stay quite or condone this action it will speak volumes about how how much more backward they are than I would like to believe.

    • just google “pope UNexcommunicates Bishop williamson.

      williamson is a catholic bishop and a holocaust denier/ minimizer

      Add that to the popes growing up in nazi germany and his serving in the hitler youth corp and you’ll see what the church will do to protect their power and money.

      re nazi germany – see the website (must all be in lower case.

      most of these pix are from captured german archieves. , some from Jewish groups and hte holocaust museum. They are a pictorial record of how the catholic church supported the nazis.

  • how very Christian of them! I just feel so sorry for our fellow GLBT people living in that hell hole of a country. My thoughts are with them all, I cant even imagine how horrible it must be. 🙁

    • what do you expect of a german pope who served in the hitler youth corp and in 2009 UNexcommunicated a holocaust denier, bishop williamson

      just google “bishop williamson UNexcommunicated”

      • The pope was enrolled in the Hitler youth at age 14 but not by choice. His father hated Nazis and the son was given a pass by a math teacher not to attend. Bishop Williamson, on the other hand, is a crack pot and should be retired if not indeed excommunicated..

      • The Society or “order” of priests to which Williamson belongs have never been reconcilled with the Church, although the pope made moves to try to bring them back. Their extreme and lunatic positions mean they will probably not be brought back under the Roman Church. By the way, you can not excommunicate someone for being stupid.

  • The Catholic Church is in crisis because it continues to support hardline anti-Christ like actions that repulse Catholics as well as others. I am a devout Catholic, we are “ALL” sinners and are “ALL” Children of God. There is no sin greater than another and LGBT do not deserve to be treated without humanity. He who has no sin cast the first stone is what Jesus told the crowd as they about to stone the prostitute Mary Magdalene, remove the plank from your own eye “BEFORE” you remove the speck from your brothers eye…the Church is needs to be more Christ-like!

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