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    I’m an American and I’m opposed to abusing any person, regardless of their beliefs or lifestyle. I find that very insensitive and cruel. However, God does forbid men and women sleeping with the same sex. I know that is where many in African and Catholic based countries, like Central and So. America, base their beliefs on this subject. Their lifestyles are very focused on their faith and God’s Word. So for those who adhere to the Bible as God’s Word, we aren’t homophobic if we believe scripture. We have become very persecuted for our faith, and that freedom of religion has become violated. But we didn’t write the Bible.

    To understand the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality, I have included the following:

    The Latin word from which we obtain “effeminate” is “EFFEMINARE,” and it means “make feminine.” Strong’s Concordance defines this Greek word for “effeminate”–“MALAKOS”–as “a catamite.” A catamite is a boy kept by a pederast, who is a man who practices sexual relations with a boy.

    The marginal note in the New American Standard Bible states, “i.e. effeminate by perversion.” Plainly stated, it seems that “effeminate,” in this context, is a male taking the female role in a sexual relationship with another male. Scripture plainly states such conduct as being against nature (Ro 1:26-27).

    The Apostle Paul stressed in this chapter that the believer’s body is the Lord’s (1Co 6:13), the temple of the Holy Spirit (1Co 6:19), bought with a price, and to be used to glorify God (1Co 6:20).

    In 1Co 6:9: This phrase, “abusers of themselves with mankind,” comes from one Greek word, “ARSENOKOITES.” This word was only used one other time in the Bible in 1Ti 1:10, where it was translated “defile themselves with mankind.” According to Strong’s Concordance this word means “a sodomite.”

    So this is a faith issue for many people and their religious freedom has become violated. As I stated before, I love every person. It’s how I live. But just because we love others, doesn’t mean we should be forced to agree with everyone’s lifestyle.

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    I am happy the president stood up for what he believes!!!! God warned us time like this will come to the true belivers–but we will be steadfast until the end!!!!


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