Zimbabwe official’s plan: Expel gays, seize their land

Ignatius Chombo, local minister in Zimbabwe administration (Photo courtesy of NewZimbabwe.com)

Ignatius Chombo, local government minister in Zimbabwe administration (Photo courtesy of NewZimbabwe.com)

A new round of verbal attacks on LBGT people has been triggered by a dispute over whether language in a proposed new constitution for Zimbabwe might protect LGBT people from discrimination.

On May 11, local government minister Ignatius Chombo urged traditional chiefs to expel homosexuals from their communities and seize their land.

Despite evidence to the contrary (See this blog’s post on traditional African homosexuality.), Chombo maintains that homosexuality is a “foreign value.”

“The chiefs are there to protect and promote our cultural values and those who support same-sex marriages must be banished from the communities and be dispossessed of their land,” Chombo said, as reported by New Zimbabwe. “What kind of madness is this that, when we have beautiful women in our country, some people want to marry other men?”

New Zimbabwe reported further:

Chombo, a senior figure in President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party, was speaking to hundreds of villagers and traditional leaders attending the installation of Vusumuzi Nicodmus Mabhikwa as a chief.

Among the traditional leaders in attendance was Chief Gampu Sithole of Tsholotsho who said endorsing homosexuality would be going against “values that define us”.

“As chiefs, we are very clear on homosexuals. We denounce them. I agree with Minister Chombo that those who support homosexuality should be expelled from our communities and their land forfeited.”

Mugabe opponent Morgan Tsvangirai disagrees, saying:

“It’s a very controversial subject in my part of the world. My attitude is that I hope the constitution will come out with freedom of sexual orientation, as long as it does not interfere with anybody. To me, it’s a human right.”

Matabeleland North governor Sithokozile Mathuthu said, “Homosexuality is an abomination before God and Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of it. It is a disgusting practice and Zimbabweans should oppose it.”

Chombo’s comment came the same day when Zimbabwe Sen. Morgan Femai proposed that women should make themselves less attractive in order to fight the spread of HIV. He said women should bath infrequently, shave off their hair, dress shabbily and get circumcised as part of an anti-AIDS compaign, New Zimbabwe reported.

6 thoughts on “Zimbabwe official’s plan: Expel gays, seize their land

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  4. I’m an American and I’m opposed to abusing any person, regardless of their beliefs or lifestyle. I find that very insensitive and cruel. However, God does forbid men and women sleeping with the same sex. I know that is where many in African and Catholic based countries, like Central and So. America, base their beliefs on this subject. Their lifestyles are very focused on their faith and God’s Word. So for those who adhere to the Bible as God’s Word, we aren’t homophobic if we believe scripture. We have become very persecuted for our faith, and that freedom of religion has become violated. But we didn’t write the Bible.

    To understand the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality, I have included the following:

    The Latin word from which we obtain “effeminate” is “EFFEMINARE,” and it means “make feminine.” Strong’s Concordance defines this Greek word for “effeminate”–“MALAKOS”–as “a catamite.” A catamite is a boy kept by a pederast, who is a man who practices sexual relations with a boy.

    The marginal note in the New American Standard Bible states, “i.e. effeminate by perversion.” Plainly stated, it seems that “effeminate,” in this context, is a male taking the female role in a sexual relationship with another male. Scripture plainly states such conduct as being against nature (Ro 1:26-27).

    The Apostle Paul stressed in this chapter that the believer’s body is the Lord’s (1Co 6:13), the temple of the Holy Spirit (1Co 6:19), bought with a price, and to be used to glorify God (1Co 6:20).

    In 1Co 6:9: This phrase, “abusers of themselves with mankind,” comes from one Greek word, “ARSENOKOITES.” This word was only used one other time in the Bible in 1Ti 1:10, where it was translated “defile themselves with mankind.” According to Strong’s Concordance this word means “a sodomite.”

    So this is a faith issue for many people and their religious freedom has become violated. As I stated before, I love every person. It’s how I live. But just because we love others, doesn’t mean we should be forced to agree with everyone’s lifestyle.


  5. I am happy the president stood up for what he believes!!!! God warned us time like this will come to the true belivers–but we will be steadfast until the end!!!!


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