1. Gay Equality Uganda Uganda
    Gay Equality Uganda Uganda at |

    That is a total lie and never believe the so called Friends of the Uganda , Underground – everyone is just making it to get money that is all. Let them bring evidence.

  2. Gay Equality Uganda Uganda
    Gay Equality Uganda Uganda at |

    Do not send your money to anyone in Uganda claiming of anything.

  3. leonardoricardo
    leonardoricardo at |

    BEWARE OF GAY HELPERS (let us not forget) THE Anti-LGBT ANGLICAN KITEMU COMMUNITY CENTER CAPER! RECONFIRM THE HELPERS (perhaps by using excommunicated, Anglican Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo as a person to help review/validate the help is real).
    Do you remember Archbishop Henry Orombi´s trusted servants Rev. Erich Kasirye and his wife Patricia (aka known as Colonel Josephine Luboyera)? Eric and Patricia/Josephine serve/served as Anglican Church of Uganda fundraisers for ¨Ecclesiastical Protection from Poisoness Americans¨ as well as being ¨LGBTI Scammers¨ and watchdogs for other potentially profitable evil and assigned to, you guessed it, BISHOP SAMUEL BALAGADDE SEKADDLE!

  4. MLS
    MLS at |

    So, is this story true or not?

  5. Terry Roethlein
    Terry Roethlein at |

    Pepe Onziema tells me this is false, Colin.

  6. Peter Moseley
    Peter Moseley at |

    Although the original article has been removed, it is still available on the internet, having been reblogged on various gay websites.
    On sensitive issues such as this, people should be certain of their facts before posting them on the internet. There are a lots of other LGBT sites whose owners have no integrity at all, and will publish stuff just to get others excited.

  7. Levi Coffin II
    Levi Coffin II at |

    Of course, Colin, you have actual photos of the stoning of the 7th. You published one of them As did ALL of he Kampala organizations. Not a single Kampala organization – not one – went out to “investigate.” Not one. I think they expected the dead body to be shipped to their offices. Should we dig up the body and send it to them?

    1. Peter Nkosi
      Peter Nkosi at |

      I do not know which picture was published on this website, but one which I saw elsewhere, on the reblogged 76-Crimes original article, looked a bit fake to me. That photo shows the victim on the ground, half surrounded by bystanders; there is a lady behind him wearing a green dress. I have to wonder about its authenticity because parts of the victim and bystanders are pixillated for no good reason. Further, the proportions of the victim seem (to me) too small in relation to those of the bystanders.


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