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    Colin, can we make some story of this, credited to you, for the Mail & Guardian? As in a 600-word version, say?


    From: 76 CRIMES > Reply-To: 76 CRIMES > Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 19:11:33 +0000 To: > Subject: [New post] Ugandan anti-gay strategy: The war has barely begun

    Colin Stewart posted: ” Supporters of Uganda’s harsh new Anti-Homosexuality Act are preparing their next steps, according to a strategy document from anti-gay Pastor Stephen Langa. Langa, executive director of Uganda’s Family Life Network, organized the seminar in 2009 a”

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    Please contact me via email… I am interested in working with your organization, but must speak privately. Thank you.

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    these people have been entranced by the way of satin rather then be enlightened by the way of christ….they will answer and hell will be crowded…god is nothing but love kindness and compassion, we are ALL Gods children not just a bunch of arrogant hate mongers who think they are. These people are the enemy of humanity and only preach hate in Gods name.

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