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  1. aguywithoutboxers
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    I am often amazed that these persons who profess loyalty to a belief system supposedly based on the teachings of an itinerant carpenter can ignore the basic tenets (faith, hope and charity) that he espoused. Isn’t this the work of their feared antichrist? Their blatant hypocrisy demonstrates their rejection of their beliefs.

  2. Mohamed Salieu Kamara
    Mohamed Salieu Kamara at |

    Jamaica’s Anti-gay lobbyists have revved up their campaign against expanding right in the island, even as a gay activist,

  3. Island Boy
    Island Boy at |

    The men were nuisances is the community. As the residents said, it matters not whether they were gay but it’s a matter of decency. There were several criminals among them who made the lives of the residents hell. When they were to be booted, all of a sudden they were willing to point out who among them were causing trouble. They paraded in half-naked and even naked around the yard at times, etc. Furthermore, this Gleaner story (http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20130705/lead/lead2.html) explains that the property owner has plans for the property, which meant the house had to be torn down. Plus the guys were given notice two months prior. I am gay myself and I am disgusted by their behaviour. This isnt a gay issue. Not every issue involving gays mean gays are being attacked.


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