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  1. jonathan L Flaum
    jonathan L Flaum at |

    campus Crusade is doing a goodthing by helping stop the cancer of homosexuality from metastisising to otheer countrieas

    1. Eric Patterson
      Eric Patterson at |

      If they are as good as you say, perhaps they can teach you how to spell…

    2. Gee
      Gee at |

      When you are semi-literate get back to us. I am sorry your mother made you eat paint chips, but its really not my fault.

  2. A2j
    A2j at |

    Gays r not animals. That would insult the animals.

  3. Fekadu
    Fekadu at |

    I will support life in prision with no possibilities of parole for gays in Ethiopia

  4. James
    James at |

    I have worked for Campus Crusade for Christ for a year and been involved in leading this ministry on campus for over 3 years and I am completely astonished to read what was shared at Pamoja. I certainly do believe that the unjust, unbiblical, inappropriate values that were shared by Antonios are not a true reflection of the culture and belief doctrines of CCC, not in South Africa that is. I am well aware and informed about the homosexual community as my ministry spreads out to them. Those ‘statistics’ presented are absolutely hogwash and the notion that homosexuals are put out to a menace to society is absolutely an appalling statement!

  5. mbdean1
    mbdean1 at |

    Campus Crusade for Christ was NOT the organization that originally brought Scott Lively to Africa in 2002. He had been invited to participate in an outreach in the summer of 2002 by Campus Crusade (though what “participate” meant exactly is unclear–please note he did not use the words “lead” or “speak”), but those plans fell through and he and his wife went over with a completely separate organization, Family Life Network–a NY based Christian radio station and ministry.

    “The original plans had been crafted in response to a Campus Crusade for Christ invitation to participate in their 50-nation
    outreach to the African continent in July. I had been asked to coordinate the Uganda-Kenya events being set up by African CCC contacts. I contacted Warren Willis of CCC (who arranged the March appearance), only to find that his plans were not coming together, even for the July dates, let alone for mid-June. I then called Stephen Langa, head of the Family Life Network and organizer of the highly successful conference against pornography and obscenity, at which I had spoken in March. He was enthusiastic, and offered to set up speaking events and media appearances on the anti-porn topic.”

    See http://www.defendthefamily.com/_docs/resources/3038513.pdf and http://www.fln.org/about-us/who-we-are.

    Moreover, the assertation that ONE speech by ONE speaker, who is not a formal part of CCC, to a relatively small group of 300 college students is equivalent to a widespread, secret anti-gay agenda is quite an exaggeration of the facts. I am a former CCC staff member, and while I personally think Antonios’s comments were biased, unhelpful, unfactual and unrelated to the mission of CCC, I also know that the one of the organization’s strongest principles is “indigenization.” That is, though CCC is originally an American organization, they give as much freedom and say as possible to indigenous ministry leadership in various countries and continents to determine ministry direction, recognizing that American Christians ought not be importing our own cultural values and baggage into different cultures where ministry takes place. I say this because I, personally, agree that Africa has a major problem in terms of their persecution and criminalization of gays and, unfortunately, African Christianity is, in places, contributing negatively to the situation. However, this is NOT something that American CCC is actively promoting in their African ministry, contrary to what this article would lead readers to believe.

    1. Castille MaybeNot
      Castille MaybeNot at |

      mbdean, but does not Campus Crusade have responsibility for how the dollars collected by the US ministry are spent in it’s African ministry? I understand leaving the local ministries under local control, but you can’t morally support this through providing funding and platforms for this sort of hatred and lies. What exactly is Campus Crusade doing in order to *not* propagate via their financial support this sort of objectionable ‘ministry.’? Because – it sounds like nothing. It sounds like a guarantee that money donated here in the states to CCC will go directly to spreading hatred in Africa. Oh, with some weak words and good intentions regarding ‘indigenization.’


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