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    Nigeria is a no go area for guys or lesbians, the so call develop nations are involve in this act but the can not push us to change the way we think of this people, we have our own culture, guy lesbians we be forever be discriminated here in this part of the world, the problem we have in the world now is been cause my all those human right activist, the are been headed by Satan him self trying to confuse God children,

    Fighting for Human Right or working for the Devil, that why Jesus said father please forgive the because they dont know what they are doing, they are been posses by demons and they are try to initiate Good children, they are spreading their devilish Gospel.

    God created ADAM and EVE, not Adam and Steven, you Mr Colin Stewart let me ask you how wish you DAD or MAMA was a gay or lesbian would you have been here.

    Jesus said one of is disciple will betray him, and he also said it would have be better that person was not born. is better i was not born than to be a gay.

    Did you think most of this people are humans they are not some were sent to earth to deceive God children.


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