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  1. Angeline Jackson
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    Beenie man can for all I care talk about his understanding of gays have changed, the man is a musician and cannot afford to keep losing income through boycotts. The last time he made an apology, shortly after he came out ‘clarifying’ his position after backlash from other Jamaican dancehall artistes.

    As I’ve said to many, Mrs. Simpson Miller’s promise of a review of the buggery law is just a promise, also unless community work is done no MP is going to risk losing their constituency and being branded a supporter of ‘di battyman dem’ (the gays).

    We cannot know truthfully who kills who because the prevailing notion in Jamaica is that ‘battyman kill battyman’ (gay men kill each other). This is from the man on the street, the tv personality, and the police. Can it be possible that the exisiting prejudice prevents the police from doing their work? We really don’t know.

    Unfortunately for too long LGBT activists have lumped everything under Gay men and HIV, for this reason people like Dr. Wayne West (ISCHAR foundation) can argue that removing the buggery law will not help to stem the rate of HIV, I think his argument is quack but he has one none-the-less. This is why the concept of Quality of Citizenship really caught me when said by Julie Oyegun. No government, no individual can truly brush aside the implications of this concept without showing themselves as being uncaring to one of the basic issues LGBT people face- the quality and value of their citizenship.


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