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  1. Bright
    Bright at |

    Mugabe he is the son of africa I always love him for the word he has for his country. I hate whites who want to take advantage of us blacks, even our african brother Obama can act in that un acceptable way. How can animal be better than us, how can we show to God love, surely they give u food u eat sandy are u normal. Don’t be stupid if your mothers were to be homosexuals would u have born. Zambia and Zimbabwe only two countries in the world starts with Z last letter of aphalbetical

  2. Alena
    Alena at |

    A true Christian would never want to be insensitive to anyone’s feelings. But we believe the Bible is God’s Holy Word and it says men cannot sleep with men or women with women. We didn’t write the Bible but if we’re Christians, God expects us to adhere to it. It’s a tough stance but we must obey God and be persecuted on this issue.

  3. Bash
    Bash at |

    Obama was suspected to be anty-christ agent initialy but some argued, but he has proved them wronged by agitating to his satanic agenda. they think they are super-power but the forgot that GOD is the owner of all powers hence they want fight his divine laws. we dont have strainght to fight theit mischievious agenda but GOD is there to protect his Law. But vowed to protect ourselves and our family from their bad thought and we know GOD is backing our movement agaisnt them.

  4. Abdullah Jafaru
    Abdullah Jafaru at |

    May God bless our African leaders who are fighting against this forbidden act.


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