eep an eye on this gay rights crusader. He just got out of prison.

Keep an eye on Nicholas Opiyo, a gay rights crusader who just got out of prison.

Opiyo is an LGBTQ+ ally and the lawyer for a popular singer seeking to become Uganda’s next president.

To slow Opiyo down, the Ugandan regime threw him in prison. The charge: money laundering. (Ugandan police didn’t care that the money was completely legit.)

He was held in prison for a week before he had a chance to get to a court that could release him on bail.

As soon as he was allowed to appear in the right court (by video from prison), Opiyo was released on bail.  Now he’s waiting to see if a trial will be scheduled.

In the meantime, Opiyo is representing Bobi Wine, 38, the candidate opposing Uganda's 76-year-old president, who first seized power in 1986.

Do you think U.S. campaigns are rough?  In Uganda, Bobi Wine has been arrested repeatedly to hinder his campaign  That keeps Opiyo busy.