A family torn apart by homophobia in Cameroon

A year-end report about homophobia in Cameroon contains a heart-wrenching story about a family torn apart by fear of homosexuality. The story comes from a report compiled by Humanity First, a Yaoundé-based organization seeking improved health care for LGBTI Cameroonians and recognition of their human rights. The organization explained that, once a young man or … Continue reading


Proved: Lesbians, gays, straights can be friends in Cameroon

A homophobic neighborhood in Yaoundé, Cameroon was the site of a shock action on Nov. 14 that demonstrated the resilience of the LGBTI community and the ease with which gay and straight Cameroonians can interact peacefully. The event, called “Homosexual Visibility in Homophobic Neighborhoods,” was organized by AVAF (the Association for the Promotion of Women) … Continue reading


Gay man frequents Cameroon cybercafe; crowd attacks

A homophobic crowd attacked a Yaoundé resident in a cybercafe last month, the Cameroonian LGBTI activist organization CAMFAIDS reports. After the attack, Emmanuelle Ndjock, the owner of the cybercafe, filed charges against Henry O. of Yaoundé and Elvis T., a visitor to Cameroon, accusing Henry of obscene behavior, seeking prosecution on homosexuality charges and demanding … Continue reading

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Cameroonian LGBTI activist targeted in murder attempt

Attacks continue in Cameroon against LGBT people and the human rights activists who defend them. The latest target was the program director of Camfaids  (the Cameroonian Foundation for Aids), which fights against Aids and for the recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people. Jean Jacques Dissoke, the group’s legal coordinator, reported and commented on … Continue reading