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Gambian president scapegoating LGBTI

“The Gambia does not have a gay problem, it has a leadership problem.” So says Mr. Momodou Krubally in his latest You Tube video published on December 5th, addressed to fellow Gambians exposing the tyranny of its dictator. Krubally, a Gambian … Continue reading

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Francophone countries in West-Central Africa ‘left behind’ by the AIDS revolution

In Montpellier, France, from April 27 to 30, scientists and doctors are meeting at the International francophone conference on HIV and Hepatitis (AFRAVIH).  Doctors Without Borders – Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) the Nobel Prize winning international humanitarian medical organization is … Continue reading

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18 men in Gambia face homosexuality charges

Eighteen men were arrested April 9 in a bar in The Gambia after they allegedly engaged in homosexual activities, the Gambian/Senegalese website Jellofnews Online reported. The men included 16 Gambians, one man from Senegal and one from Nigeria. After a … Continue reading

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