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Seeking LGBTI rights in Trinidad, finding them in Canada

Advocacy on behalf of LGBTI residents of Trinidad and Tobago is a heartfelt concern of Trinidad activist David D.K. Soomarie, currently visiting Canada. While in Toronto, Soomarie took part in a public discussion of the struggle for LGBTI rights in his native country and joined a protest seeking recognition of the human rights of LGBTI … Continue reading

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Marriage equality: Canadian church has it, will get more

Jamaican activist Maurice Tomlinson, whose same-sex marriage in Canada in 2011 forced him to flee Jamaica to become a Canadian resident, welcomes the acceptance of marriage equality by a large majority of members of the Anglican Church of Canada. At first, it seemed as though yesterday’s vote to establish full marriage equality throughout the Canadian … Continue reading

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Toolkit for progress toward LGBT rights in 53 countries

The Commonwealth of 53 nations, formerly the British Commonwealth, can play a positive role in improving the lives of LGBT citizens even though dozens of those countries still have anti-LGBT laws inherited from their former colonial overlords. So say the LGBT rights advocates at London-based Kaleidoscope Trust, which this week published a “toolkit” of recommendations … Continue reading


Canada can nudge Jamaica toward justice

KLIPPERT, KINGSTON AND COMMON-LAW KINSHIP Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indicated that he will posthumously pardon Everett George Klippert for engaging in consensual sodomy.  Klippert’s 1965 conviction under the British-imposed anti-gay law and his subsequent life sentence as a sex offender led to a public outcry that caused Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau (then Justice … Continue reading

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African Anglicans: English protest vs. Ugandan rallies

Two opposing demonstrations last week focused on the Anglican Communion’s relationships to LGBTI people, presenting vastly different ideas about how that issue should be resolved. In England, dozens of protesters gathered at Canterbury Cathedral to urge homophobic churches within the Anglican Communion to stop persecuting LGBTI people. In Uganda, hundreds rallied to welcome the return … Continue reading