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Mob beats up 20 suspected Nigerian homosexuals

About 20 innocent young men were severely beaten in the Sabo Fagi area of Jos, Nigeria, by a mob who claimed that the youths were homosexuals. The June 19 incident 9, left many youths bleeding profusely. According to a human … Continue reading

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To avoid the army, gay Iranians must carry ‘gay’ ID cards

Gay and trans Iranians must make an excruciating choice on reaching age 18 — join the army, where they encounter intense homophobia and sometimes rape, or submit to an intense invasion of their privacy in order to qualify for an … Continue reading

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Nauru: Another country repeals anti-homosexuality law

The tiny Pacific island country of Nauru has repealed its law against same-sex intimacy, reducing the total number of countries with anti-homosexuality laws to 77 worldwide, by this blog’s count. By another count, the total is now 73 countries, according … Continue reading

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Attackers break Ugandan LGBTI activist’s jaw

Kuchu Times reports:   Kabuye Najib, a Ugandan LGBTI and sex workers’ activist, was early [last] week attacked by a gang of 8 men. At 11:00pm on 9th April as Najib approached his gate, eight unidentified males attacked and beat … Continue reading

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Jamaican activist sues to overturn ‘buggery law’

Maurice Tomlinson of Jamaica and Canada — a Caribbean LGBTI rights activist and a writer for this blog — is challenging the Jamaican “buggery law” in court. BuzzFeed reported today: A new challenge to Jamaica’s law criminalizing homosexuality was filed … Continue reading

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Disappointed by Pope, Ugandan activists remain hopeful

Pope Francis has avoided talking about homophobia during his trip to Africa, despite urgent pleas that he rein in the un-Christian hatred that many of his followers and other Christians display for LGBT people. But Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) “still … Continue reading

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In Malaysia, Obama focuses on LGBT rights

President Obama focused attention on the human rights of LGBT Malaysians during his just-ended Asia trip. While in Malaysia, he met with trans activist Nisha Ayub, who seeks an end to the frequent arrests of trans women. He also lent … Continue reading

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