To learn how to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, check these out

Information on HIV HIV Basics http://www.catie.ca/en/basics/hiv-and-aids HIV Prevention http://www.catie.ca/en/prevention Protecting Yourself and Others Safer sex and safer drug use Sexual Health and Safer Sex Positive Prevention Safer Drug Use and Harm Reduction Testing to find out if you have HIV HIV Testing and Diagnosis Information primarily for people living with HIV Living with HIV – … Continue reading

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To avoid the army, gay Iranians must carry ‘gay’ ID cards

Gay and trans Iranians must make an excruciating choice on reaching age 18 — join the army, where they encounter intense homophobia and sometimes rape, or submit to an intense invasion of their privacy in order to qualify for an exemption from military service on the grounds of being gay or transgender. If they qualify, … Continue reading


Disappointed by Pope, Ugandan activists remain hopeful

Pope Francis has avoided talking about homophobia during his trip to Africa, despite urgent pleas that he rein in the un-Christian hatred that many of his followers and other Christians display for LGBT people. But Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) “still hopes that the Vatican will take sexual minorities issues seriously. We are open to working … Continue reading