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  1. Domingo A Torres
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    Little by little they lose their humanity and the family intimacy from which they all grew up from and with. They create divisions, through fear and hate between one another, whose only end is to collapse and destroy the foundation from which the pillars of democracy stand upon the platform against prejudicial discrimination.

    Inasmuch as heterosexual family members in these African countries or countries from abroad stand up against homosexuality as being against nature, far from it as nature is not as perfect as they pretend it to be. We are now having the Corona virus man made or not, the locusts, the floods, the earthquakes, sink holes, hurricanes and as such catastrophic events as never before and they continue to get worst, as man ignores our Holy Mother’s warnings which it had nothing to do with homosexuality.

    There is more to a human being than what they do with their sexual organs or their intimate relationship with their same sex partner, as the wholeness of their honorable character, is what we should worry about n the differences of others.

    It is the heterosexual community that runs these countries and it is they who are corrupted in their thefts of public funds, underhanded conniving’s, the murdering of their journalist to hide their wrong doings. The lies they tell their people and the wars they create between one another.

    The homosexuals of all countries are but a tiny speck of their population and they pose no threat, except for that which is created by the whispers and gossip the few who cannot mind their own business mostly out of the jealousy of women and just want to murder someone out of their hate, fear and prejudicial discrimination.

    God did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of the gays, but because the heterosexual community who were wicked criminals, became promiscuous and started to emulate the gays not being gay or having that inclination or orientation.

    Love one another as God loves all of us as we are in our good character.


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