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  1. Isaac Wasswa
    Isaac Wasswa at |

    Denis Wamala is no longer affiliated to Ice breakers Uganda

    1. admin76crimes
      admin76crimes at |

      Thanks. I fixed that (but I don’t have Dennis’s current affiliation). BTW, I inserted that outdated info; not Kikonyogo Kivumbi.
      — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

  2. Phyl
    Phyl at |

    So in 2019 LGBTIQ human rights defenders are still called gay activists????????? Thank you Colin for guiding your staff well.

    I guess pro-choice are abortionists and transgender people are impersonators? According to the reporting standards?

    Anyway, I’m offering your staff free training on how to report LGBTIQ and Key Populations training stories. Lemme know the day and time.

    1. admin76crimes
      admin76crimes at |

      Dear Phyl,

      Thanks for caring enough to urge us to do better.

      Setting aside sarcasm, the challenge is not a failure to know the best descriptions, but to balance accuracy and brevity while sticking with terminology that readers know well.

      Using “LGBTIQ human rights defenders” as the subject in a headline leaves little room for telling readers what the article is about. For example, I invite you to finish rewriting the headline that you hate (“Gay activists appeal for formal Uganda recognition”) without making the headline longer.

      That challenge (which you might be able to achieve, but not easily): Try to finish writing an accurate and appealing headline by adding no more than 12 letters to a headline that begins:
      “Uganda: LGBTIQ human rights defenders …”

      Overall, the second challenge is to use terminology that readers are familiar with.
      A Google search for “LGBTIQ human rights defender” reveals that the phrase has been used only 266
      times. Readers know what the article is about when we use the roughly but not exactly accurate phrase “gay activist.” A Google search for that produces 525,000 results. (FYI, “LGBT activist” produces 358,000 results and “LGBT rights activist” produces 199,000 — but if I understand you correctly, you object to both the generic word “activist” and to the imprecise “gay” in place of “LGBTIQ”.)

      Feel free to continue this conversation, preferably with a constructive tone rather than a snarky one.

      Best wishes,
      Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog


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