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  1. aowings1
    aowings1 at |

    Shame on Egypt as thought they were more tolerant and civilized. Guess not !

  2. Derek Williams
    Derek Williams at |

    You can’t “get rid” of 350 million gay people (5% of 7 billion global population) because it is the heterosexual parents who are having all the gay babies. The sheer scale of disposing of this many people is staggering. World War 2 “only” killed 50 million people, and took 6 years with all the Western world’s ordnance. At that pace, it will take 7x longer, i.e. 42 years to dispose of all LGBT people and a carnage the equivalent of disposing of the entire population of the United States of America. Meanwhile, several hundred million more LGBT babies will continue to be born to heterosexual parents, just as we always have. The only way, therefore, to be certain to rid the world of LGBT people is to rid the world of heterosexual parents. They really haven’t thought this through, have they?

    1. JTT
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      It can be contained to Muslim countries, though. But most gay men seem to want to turn Europe, the U.S., (and all of the west) into a Muslim-majority, and you know what will happen then.


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