Brave gay journalist needs your help

Joe Odero in the hospital after the attack.

Joe Odero in hospital bed awaiting kidney transplant in 2016. Individual donors and international journalism organizations paid for that life-saving operation. Now Joe and his family need help so they can get back on their feet.

Because of his reporting, Joe Odero was bludgeoned, left for dead, and lost his brother in a revenge murder. Now he needs your help.

The attacks on Joe and his family occurred because his journalism had exposed the murderous mutilation of an intersex Kenyan teenager in late 2015. It also helped send six attackers to prison in late 2016. Joe then had to flee from Kenya to save his life.

Now he’s supporting the four surviving members of his orphaned family and hoping to complete his university education. Please help him. You can contribute on:

  •; and/or
  • Facebook (This parallel fundraiser was temporarily suspended by Facebook on July 16, but it was restored within a couple of days, with all donations apparently intact.)
This battered figure is what's left of a beloved "Mama Loice" doll, which Joe Odero's young sister has carried with her as the family has repeatedly moved to escape from the men seeking to kill Joe. (Photo courtesy of Joe Odero)

This battered figure is what’s left of a beloved “Mama Loice” doll, which Joe Odero’s young sister has carried with her as the family has repeatedly moved to escape from the men seeking to kill Joe. (Photo courtesy of Joe Odero)

Please share this appeal with your friends and colleagues.

Because Joe’s life remains at risk, he uses a pseudonym and his current location is kept secret. This blog’s editor, Colin Stewart, has organized this fundraiser and will guarantee that donations reach Joe.

The early episodes of Joe’s confrontation with violently homophobic Kenyan criminals can be read in Joe and Colin’s blog posts titled “Confronting Hatred.” More recent events will be narrated in a book of the same name, which is currently in progress.

Joe is about to start working on a farm to raise money in addition to doing his university school work. His family gets by on about US $100 per person per month, so he needs $492 per month, and a further $1,330 to complete his tuition payments. Goal: $7,300 for the next 12 months.

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