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Don’t harm gays, Egyptian religious leader says

Grand Mufti Shawki Allam, a leading religious leader in Egypt, has spoken up against anti-gay violence. According to a report in Mamba Online: “Each person is equally inviolable,”  Allam said. “Even if we view homosexuality as a religious sin, that does not give anyone the freedom to injure another person in any way.” “Yes, it … Continue reading

Africa / Middle East / North Africa

As Morocco reviews its laws, 2 jailed on gay-sex charge

Morocco has imprisoned two men on homosexuality charges at a time when the Moroccan parliament is considering changes in the Penal Code, Human Rights Watch reported today. Many local organizations are urging parliament to drop the law’s anti-LGBT provisions. This is HRW’s press release: Morocco: 2 Jailed for Homosexuality Parliament Should Decriminalize Same-Sex Acts Moroccan … Continue reading


Seeking to limit gay sex, Tanzania bans lubricants

Tanzania is cracking down on import and sales of sexual lubricants on the theory that, without them, homosexuality will decrease, Agence France-Press reports. It’s a misguided idea that’s likely to make matters worse in the fight against HIV / Aids. As the AIDS Foundation of Chicago states about both homosexual and heterosexual intercourse: “Using condoms … Continue reading

Middle East / North Africa

LGBTQ magazine publishes in Arabic, not without opposition

The Jordan-based online LGBTQ magazine My.Kali has introduced an Arabic edition, which provoked a strong negative response from anti-gay conservatives in the Middle East. My.Kali describes itself on Instagram as an “online social & conceptual Arab webzine [which] covers issues of LGBTQI, sexuality, & gender, through art-therapy, photography, psychology, new media.” Continue reading