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Thanks to everyone who donated to save Joe Odero’s life

Joe Odero in the hospital after the attack.

Joe Odero in the hospital after the attack.

Thank you to all the generous donors who have made a kidney transplant possible for courageous Kenyan journalist/ activist Joe Odero. As you know, Joe needs a new kidney because he was attacked and nearly killed for his advocacy on behalf of a young intersex man who was murdered because he refused to conform.

A family friend agreed to donate a kidney to Joe. She traveled to the hospital, where one of her kidneys was removed yesterday.

Joe will receive it in a transplant operation early tomorrow, paid for by readers’ donations and by the Erasing 76 Crimes blog. Please send Joe your thoughts and prayers for a successful operation.

I’m also hoping that several organizations that previously helped set up Joe in a safe house will contribute again. Those are some financial loose ends that remain to be tied up, but a happy ending is in sight.

Again, the deepest thanks from Joe and from me.

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