Cheers and praise for victory in Nigerian court

Congratulations,  thanks and cheers are pouring in for Nigerian LGBTI rights activist Ifeanyi Orazulike and his attorney, Mike Enahoro Ebah, who won a lawsuit against Nigerian police for violating Orazulike’s constitutional rights by arresting and detaining him in 2014. No charges were filed against him. The Federal High Court ordered Nigerian police to apologize publicly … Continue reading

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Easter 2016: A prayer for all LGBT prisoners

An Easter message for 2016 Easter 2016 — a time when the Anglican Church of Nigeria refuses even to attend a meeting attended by a few representatives of the inclusive Episcopal Church for fears that, if they did, they would be in the midst of “a well-prepared camp of recruitment, blackmail, indoctrination and toxic relationship.” … Continue reading


Ukraine: City ignored rock-throwing anti-LGBT protesters

Homophobic violence in Lviv, Ukraine, that disrupted last weekend’s Equality Festival occurred after the mayor, city council and police ignored organizers’ pleas for help in responding to growing signs of upcoming trouble, according to the festival organizing committee and the LGBT advocacy group Insight. They have asked the national Security Service to investigate. The Equality … Continue reading


Support for LGBT community grows in Guyana

Official advocacy of fair treatment for LGBT people is gaining popularity in Guyana, even though the nation remains the only South American country on the list of the world’s 76+ countries with anti-homosexuality laws. Although Guyana has an unenforced law that calls for life imprisonment for homosexual acts and another that bans cross-dressing, President David … Continue reading