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    It’s called traditional Nazi scapegoating of the usual designated groups of innocent individuals, especially LGBTI’s, to cover up the massive wealth and power greed and theft that Putin and his loyal filthy-rich oligarchy are actually engaged in. Turns out the German Nazis lost the war but won the peace in Russia, and they are coming close to doing the same in the US .

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    I’m not sure which version of Put in is worse the politician with personal animosity toward LGBTQ people or the politician who has no personal problem with homosexuality but is more than willing to play the traditional values card to capitalize on the homophobia and transphobia among the Russian citizenry and that of social conservatives elsewhere in the world. It may be both of these profiles are correct although I lean toward the second, political opportunist version. I have no doubt that many in government are homophobic it’s just that I get a politically conniving vibe from Putin. Either way the end result is a less tolerant Russia.

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