Cameroon police release LGBT activist doctor

Alternatives-Cameroun logoPolice in Douala, Cameroon, have released the vice president of the anti-AIDS pro-LGBT-rights group Alternatives-Cameroon, who was arrested Feb. 14 after he was accused of being a homosexual.

Yves Yomb, executive director of Alternatives-Cameroon, said that Dr. Richard [Richard Kwa Bette] was released yesterday afternoon.  Richard serves both as an officer of the association and as a doctor combating AIDS at the group’s health center.

Because of the arrest, Richard was unable to work on Feb. 15 at the health center, where he was scheduled to oversee a health screening campaign for MSM (men who have sex with men) as part of Cameroon’s National Strategic Plan against HIV and Tuberculosis.

Yomb added:

“We do not intend to let the matter rest. If we do nothing, other people’s rights will also be violated. It is important for us to remain mobilized.”

Alternatives-Cameroon accused police of harassment and of ignoring repeated complaints against blackmailers and extortionists who target LGBT people in Douala.

In the latest case, the group said, said the accusation against Richard was made by “Mr. Soppo (a member of the Arold Ndelo gang), who has been responsible for several cases of scams and blackmail of alleged homosexuals in the city of Douala, Cameroon.”

For more information, see this blog’s article “Cameroon police arrest LGBT activist, block AIDS clinic.”

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