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6 Responses to Contact

  1. Lee Price says:

    My name is Lee Price and I’m a twenty-four year old aspiring documentary photography from Manchester, England. As one of three finalists of the Photographic Award by Ideastap and Magnum Photos, I’ve been awarded £1500 to shoot my ‘dream project’, and have chosen to travel to Uganda. Beginning in February 2014, I will spend six to eight weeks documenting, through both photography and video, the prejudices, public opinions and political ideologies that surround homosexuality in the country by photographically exploring both the apparent reasons for the hostility towards the gay community there, and the impact that hostility has. My finalist project focused on the underground world of gay cruising as a product of society’s largely negative perception of homosexuality, and with that experience I am prepared to step into unseen territory and unfamiliar situations to capture the reality of what goes on elsewhere in the world.
    I am writing to you for any information you have in regards to people and places who could be of significance to the project. I would like to access imprisoned homosexuals, speak to people about their experiences living in such a gay-hostile environment as well as the activists fighting for the cause. Essentially, any bit of information you can provide to help shed light on the situation over there would be massively useful – right now I’m almost completely in the dark.
    If you would like any more information about myself or the project, I would be more than happy to provide you with it.

    Kind regards


  2. Charlie Martin says:

    Hi Colin,

    I recently came across the story of Roger Mbédé and as the many I presume, have been incredibly moved by his story. Its incredibly sad there are still places in the world where this can happen.

    I am keen to spread Roger’s story and more widely the issue of anti-gay legislation. I work in digital marketing myself and want to create a video to share Roger’s story.

    I noticed that you have an number of images of Roger on your site. I wondered if you’d allow me to use them to make this video?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,



  3. Mitchell Boutin says:

    You posted an article awhile back about an upcoming arts show in Senegal on African Queerness. You may want to share this (sad) update: Also, the link to the Contact (this) page doesn’t work. When you click it, it bring you to the “About” page


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