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Jamaican activist sues to overturn ‘buggery law’

Maurice Tomlinson of Jamaica and Canada — a Caribbean LGBTI rights activist and a writer for this blog — is challenging the Jamaican “buggery law” in court. BuzzFeed reported today: A new challenge to Jamaica’s law criminalizing homosexuality was filed … Continue reading

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Disappointed by Pope, Ugandan activists remain hopeful

Pope Francis has avoided talking about homophobia during his trip to Africa, despite urgent pleas that he rein in the un-Christian hatred that many of his followers and other Christians display for LGBT people. But Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) “still … Continue reading

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In Malaysia, Obama focuses on LGBT rights

President Obama focused attention on the human rights of LGBT Malaysians during his just-ended Asia trip. While in Malaysia, he met with trans activist Nisha Ayub, who seeks an end to the frequent arrests of trans women. He also lent … Continue reading

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Ghana arrests reputed leader of violent anti-gay gang

Police in Ghana have arrested a man whom LGBTI activists labeled as an anti-LGBTI criminal using social media to entrap and assault LGBTI people. Ghana’s Daily Guide reported today that “Suspect Sulley Fuiseni, a 30-year-old leader of a group called … Continue reading

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Commentary: Why Jamaica Pride is important

In the following commentary published today in the Jamaica Observer, J-FLAG leader Dane Lewis explains the importance of Jamaica’s first Pride celebration. See also: “Jamaica’s first Pride gets boost from government officials”  and “Star power of Ellen Page supports Jamaica Pride.” Why … Continue reading

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Kenya buzzing with anti-gay worries as it awaits Obama’s visit

This has been a busy month for Watetezi, the online site from activist/journalist Denis Nzioka that promotes security for LGBTI Kenyans and reports on the human rights abuses they suffer. These days, Kenya is abuzz with homophobic outcries, complaints and … Continue reading

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Jamaica: Police focus on helping women, youths, LGBT

In Jamaica, 50 police have attended training sessions on vulnerable people, with a special focus on conscientiously dealing with LGBT people, youth, women, and people living with disabilities. In a speech to trainees, Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry said that … Continue reading

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