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Kyrgyzstan plea: Please help oppose anti-gay bill

As reported in June, Kyrgyzstan has moved to the verge of aligning itself more closely with Russia by making it a crime to say anything positive about homosexuality. The Kyrgyz bill is harsher than Russia’s law, because it would apply … Continue reading

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Verdict delayed again in Zambian anti-gay trial

The verdict has again been delayed in the trial of two young Zambian men who have been imprisoned for more than a year on homosexuality charges. The trial had been scheduled to end May 30, but it was delayed until … Continue reading

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New activist group aids LGBTI prisoners in Cameroon

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Imprisoned lesbians gain an advocate in Cameroon

Attorney Michel Togué has taken on the case of  two lesbians,  Liliane and Nicole, who were arrested and jailed on homosexuality charges in Ebolowa in southern Cameroon. The women, imprisoned 160 kilometers south of Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé, had previously lacked representation. … Continue reading

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Easter dinner for homeless Jamaican LGBT youth

From Jamaica, activist Yvonne McCalla-Sobers reports on Sunday’s Easter dinner, made by LGBT youth supporter Nevin Powell, who also arranged a Christmas dinner for them a few months ago: Once again, Nevin Powell provided a special dinner for the homeless … Continue reading

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Ivory Coast: Humiliating and degrading treatment

(Aussi publié en français) Although there is no law against homosexuality in Ivory Coast, our correspondent informs us there has been an increase in homophobic attacks in recent months. On January 22 and 23, 2014, the headquarters of Alternative Côte d’Ivoire, an … Continue reading

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Rewriting the anti-gay history of Rick Warren in Uganda

Rick Warren, pastor of the Saddleback megachurch, traveled to Uganda in 2008 and declared that homosexuality is not a natural way of life and thus is not a human right. The next year, the anti-gay bill that became this year’s  … Continue reading

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2 lesbians arrested in Cameroon (not 4)

Two lesbians have been arrested and jailed on homosexuality charges in Ebolowa in southern Cameroon, according to the anti-AIDS, pro-human-rights group Camfaids. According to an earlier radio report, four lesbians had been arrested. The two jailed lesbians were arrested four … Continue reading

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LGBT/Cameroon: ‘incredibly sad, fabulously encouraging’

An excerpt from the latest report by journalist Andy Kopsa on the joint American-African trip to Cameroon in support of LGBT rights and LGBT health: In the discussions of sexual rights where panel members [at the Sixth Africa Conference on … Continue reading

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Global conflict: Gay rights, repression in the Caribbean

As pro-LGBT-rights protests and anti-LGBT initiatives continue in dozens of countries, here’s a sampling of the news and commentary about what’s going on. A quick recap of news from the Caribbean is below.  Also see updates on  the furor over … Continue reading

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