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Cameroon: Stop police torture, extortion of LGBT people

In response to attempted extortion and death threats by Cameroon police against the president of Cameroon Humanity First Cameroon on Wednesday, the association released this statement: Faced with so many cases of violence promoted by Article 347 bis [the anti-homosexuality … Continue reading

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LGBTI, development and globalisation

by Caleb Orozco We publish this editorial commentary by Caleb Orozco, Executive Director of  the United Belize Advocacy Movement.  Caleb wrote this on April 8, in the context of discussions within a SOGI, LGBTI online network, hosted by Geneva-based ARC International.  Discussions … Continue reading

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Living Dangerously: What It’s Like to Be Gay in Iran

The following article was originally published in Vocativ. It is reproduced  here entirely without any editing, other than to fit our format.  We acknowledge and thank Vocative as well as the author Sune Engel Rasmussen for their excellent journalism. It is … Continue reading

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Gambian president scapegoating LGBTI

“The Gambia does not have a gay problem, it has a leadership problem.” So says Mr. Momodou Krubally in his latest You Tube video published on December 5th, addressed to fellow Gambians exposing the tyranny of its dictator. Krubally, a Gambian … Continue reading

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Petition to Facebook: Drop dangerous ‘real names’ policy

An online petition urges Facebook to drop its policy of requiring users to use their authentic names. Australian LGBTI activist Sally Golder organized the petition on the website in connection with a challenge to Facebook by drag queens in … Continue reading

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Jamaican activist ends challenge to anti-sodomy law

The Associated Press reports: A young Jamaican gay rights activist who brought an unprecedented legal challenge to the Caribbean island’s anti-sodomy law has withdrawn the claim after growing fearful about violent backlashes, advocacy groups and colleagues said Friday. Last year, … Continue reading

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Warning: Lebanon police call to entrap gay suspects

Lebanese police have intensified their campaign against LGBTI people by using arrestees’  mobile phones to try to entrap other allegedly gay men,  according to Helem, Lebanon’s LGBTQI advocacy organisation. Helem issued this warning today: URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Helem has learned that … Continue reading

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