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Commentary: Why Jamaica Pride is important

In the following commentary published today in the Jamaica Observer, J-FLAG leader Dane Lewis explains the importance of Jamaica’s first Pride celebration. See also: “Jamaica’s first Pride gets boost from government officials”  and “Star power of Ellen Page supports Jamaica Pride.”   … Continue reading

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Kenya buzzing with anti-gay worries as it awaits Obama’s visit

This has been a busy month for Watetezi, the online site from activist/journalist Denis Nzioka that promotes security for LGBTI Kenyans and reports on the human rights abuses they suffer. These days, Kenya is abuzz with homophobic outcries, complaints and … Continue reading

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Jamaica: Police focus on helping women, youths, LGBT

In Jamaica, 50 police have attended training sessions on vulnerable people, with a special focus on conscientiously dealing with LGBT people, youth, women, and people living with disabilities. In a speech to trainees, Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry said that … Continue reading

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To Kenyan officials: Stop gay-bashing; it boosts AIDS

A group of Kenyan health-care and human-rights organizations delivered a strong message to Kenyan officials today: Stop inflaming anti-gay tensions. They hinder the fight against HIV / Aids. At a press conference, the groups warned of “devastating consequences of the … Continue reading

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Support the brave reporters of

Support truthful news reporting from violent anti-LGBTI countries. All contributions go to pay expenses of brave  reporters for Erasing 76 Crimes.

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Cameroon: Stop police torture, extortion of LGBT people

In response to attempted extortion and death threats by Cameroon police against the president of Cameroon Humanity First Cameroon on Wednesday, the association released this statement: Faced with so many cases of violence promoted by Article 347 bis [the anti-homosexuality … Continue reading

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LGBTI, development and globalisation

by Caleb Orozco We publish this editorial commentary by Caleb Orozco, Executive Director of  the United Belize Advocacy Movement.  Caleb wrote this on April 8, in the context of discussions within a SOGI, LGBTI online network, hosted by Geneva-based ARC International.  Discussions … Continue reading

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