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Turkey: To say that gays are ‘perverts’ is hate speech

A court ruling in Turkey could buoy the spirits of human rights activists in the Third World who seek fair treatment for sexual minorities but cannot cite the examples of Western nations without being shunned as agents of Western cultural … Continue reading

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In homophobic Iran, a policy that bans homophobia?

On the heels of a short-lived LGBT-friendly commentary on Iran’s popular Nameh News website, an Iranian government-supported website has published rules against its readers posting comments that are homophobic. It’s not clear how long the Press TV comment policy has … Continue reading

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Morocco upholds 6 prison terms for disputed gay acts

Human Rights Watch reports: Morocco: Homosexuality Convictions Upheld Appeals Court Applies Law Criminalizing Same-Sex Activities (Rabat, July 8, 2014) – A Moroccan appeals court on July 2, 2014, upheld the convictions of men accused of homosexual acts, Human Rights Watch … Continue reading

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How ‘debauchery’ law set up Egypt’s gay crackdown

The arrests of 77 people on homosexuality charges in Egypt since October has led to a discussion about how the Egyptian legal system justifies the imprisonment of LGBT people without a law that specifically mentions homosexual activity. Unfortunately, that discussion … Continue reading

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Crackdown on LGBT Egyptians: Why now?

A new, extensive police crackdown on LGBT people is under way in Egypt, with 77 arrests since October.  But why is it happening? And why now? Long-time activist and commentator Scott Long provides detailed answers in his blog, A Paper … Continue reading

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Gay-friendly voice in Iran: Homophobia is un-Islamic

The head of the Iranian Social Workers Association, Dr. Mostafa Eghlima, recently spoke against homophobia in an article in Iran’s popular online Nameh News. Several excerpts are reprinted below, as translated by Hossein Alizadeh, the Middle East and North Africa program … Continue reading

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Crackdown on LGBT Egyptians: 77 arrests since October

Egyptian activists report that 77 people or more have been arrested by police on homosexuality-related charges since last October. The activist group Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights reported these arrests: December 2013 — Two arrested wearing women’s clothing in Hurgada … Continue reading

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IDAHOT anti-hate campaign: Even in 20 anti-gay nations

LGBT rights activists and supporters — even those in 20 nations where homosexuality is illegal — will celebrate International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) on Saturday, May 17. The day is billed as a worldwide celebration of sexual and … Continue reading

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2 Moroccan students to prison for ‘feminine appearance’

A court in Marrakesh, Morocco, sentenced two university students to three months in prison earlier this week, according to the website of Aswat Magazine, which serves the LGBT community of Morocco. The men were arrested for having a “feminine appearance.” … Continue reading

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Morocco: Amid LGBT rights campaign, prison for 6

Six Moroccan men were sentenced May 14 in Fqih Bensalah to penalties of up to three years in prison for being homosexuals and violations related to sex and alcohol. The verdict coincided with a campaign for the repeal of Morocco’s … Continue reading

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