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Mozambique drops anti-gay law, as blog readers know

Hurray for Mozambique, where a new Penal Code took effect this week, eliminating a previous law against same-sex intimacy.  Many publications reported the change this week and last, which is appropriate. It’s big news, because so many other African nations … Continue reading

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22 truly inclusive Jamaican hotels and resorts

Tourism is Jamaica’s major foreign exchange earner and can therefore be leveraged to assist with LGBTI liberation on the island. However, I support positive provocation instead of a boycott (which would hurt the very people that we seek to help) … Continue reading

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Jamaica’s major newspaper backs LGBTI rights

Jamaica’s major daily, the Gleaner, today published an editorial supporting the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling and calling on Jamaica to take a similar course. In contrast to the United States, the editorial states, in Jamaica “there is still … Continue reading

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Parental advice for the childless Holy Father

Dear Pope Francis, It is reported that you said gay and lesbian parents can’t love their children like heterosexuals. My own son is being raised Catholic and, as such, I know that your words would both hurt and confuse him. … Continue reading

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Gay father’s delight: ‘Dad, thank you for inspiring me’

A Father’s Day blessing Growing up in the Christian fundamentalist society of Jamaica, I believed in my church’s teaching that I could be cured of my homosexuality by simply marrying a woman. I therefore married my best female friend who … Continue reading

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Christian plea to Africa: Stop using Bible as tool for hate

In an open letter to Christians in Africa, the Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell pleads for an end to use of the Bible as a justification for discrimination against LGBTI people, just as it was used to justify racism and slavery. … Continue reading

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Russian activists: Resilience in the face of repression

Human Rights Watch commentary: Russian Activists Provide Antidote Against Government By Boris Dittrich “Could you please give me your phone? We don’t allow cell phones in our office.” Stupefied, I handed over my phone. This wasn’t some confidential high-level ministerial … Continue reading

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