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    Look out for this guy if you live in Ghana!

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    Violent homophobe active in Ghana

  3. Posh
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    You Mac cow feet or what ever your name is, you call your self a pastor and supporting this abominable act, you are very stupid cuz you are a gay,. Asshole, you faggot. Did God say man should marry man? I wanna slap your dirty black ass face of a mother fucker.. Douch bag!!

  4. faisal
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    Mr. Macaulay
    . ar u supporting the act of homosexual. And ar u an African or still a slave of the colonial masters
    If its their way of leaving is non of our business….we have our culture and they have theirs

  5. last one
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    I think the pastor is also a gay . parents watch out do send you kids to the Pastore alone and wife’s don’t allow you husband to get close to him both the bible and the Quran speaks bad about this gay act. we in Ghana don’t support it to .

  6. daakye
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    Mcauley, we in Nima support Doya 100% with our lives. Warning: Don’t make a mistake of stepping to Nima or we will beat u till u repent.


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